Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner

Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner

Nhà phát triển: Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner Miễn phí

Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner

Nhà phát triển: Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Lens: PDF Scanner

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Microsoft Lens (formerly Office Lens) trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable.
You can use Microsoft Lens to convert images to PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, digitize printed or handwritten text, and save to OneNote, OneDrive, or your local device. You can even import images that are already on your device using Gallery.


• Scan and upload all your notes, receipts, and documents
• Capture whiteboard at end of the meeting to keep those action items on track
• Scan printed text or handwritten meeting notes to edit and share later
• Keep your business networking contacts handy by scanning business cards and saving them to your contact list
• Choose to save as PDF, Image, Word or PowerPoint formats into OneNote, OneDrive, or local device as location


• Scan classroom handouts and annotate them in Word and OneNote
• Scan handwritten notes to digitize and edit later (works with English only)
• Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboard to reference later, even if you're offline
• Keep class notes and your own research organized with the seamless integration with OneNote

Join the beta program at this link to get an early preview of the next version of Microsoft Lens and help make it better by providing us feedback:

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